My Journey With Stem Cell Therapy: Knee Pain to Knee Gain!

My Journey With Stem Cell Therapy: Knee Pain to Knee Gain!

My journey with stem cell therapy began in 2016 while on a 19-mile run. I was an avid long-distance runner, and deep into my training I began to feel pain in my right knee. Over several months that pain grew to daily problem which hindered my from participating in the sport I loved. It became appareant that no amount of ice and streching was going to solve my obstacle.

In the past 5 years, I have tried a wide array of diagnostics and treatments, inluding MRI's, physical therapy, acupuncture, hyaluronic acid, and Cortisone injections. Nothing has been as effective as Stem Cell Therapy.

In June of 2021 I had stem cells extracted from the bone marrow in my pelvis and injected in my right knee. Stem cells are the building blocks of all the cells in our body, and they can be extremely effective in repairing tissue, muscle, and bone damage. This treatment was targeted towards my IT band, which was beleived to be causing the pain.

Now writing this article 4 months later, I am in the best running shape since before the injury in 2016. Stem cell therapy has given me a knew chance at continuing my passion for running.

Stem cell therapy is commonplace in pro sports, and has been used by super stars including Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Rafael Nadal, Christiano Ronaldo, etc. I encourage those interested intersted in stem cell therapy to read more at Healthline.

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